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Advantages and Disadvantages to Pet Teacup Pigs

Advantages and Disadvantages to Pet Teacup PigsTeacup pigs are nano pets having ability to grow up to 1-1½ feet and their weight can be maximum 70 pounds. They are too tiny on their birth and just sized as teacups, which is really small in comparison to big pigs.

Teacup pigs are very attractive and you can keep them easily in your house. However, there are some pros and cons linked with keeping Teacup pigs as pets in your home:


  • Intelligent Creatures: Teacup Pigs are really smart creatures having an excellent wit. Generally, pigs are considered as the lazy fellows having no brains, but these nano pigs are active and funny in many aspects.
  • Loving: Teacup pigs are affectionate and appealing in personality. They demand your love and give you much more than you do for them. They will seek out your time to feel good.
  • Long Life: These creatures have a life span of 15-20 years and you can keep them healthy to make them live longer.
  • Don’t shed hair: These animals are the best pets for the people having respiratory or allergy issues from pet hairs. They don’t shed much hair.
  • Low Noise: These micro pigs are not noisy and they won’t bark like dogs to show their aggressiveness.


  • Lazy and Obese: Teacup pigs can become lazy and obese very quickly. You need to keep a track of their food to avoid them to become unhealthy.
  • Need exclusive time: These nano pigs require a lot of time in the beginning and even after becoming matured. You should choose them as pets only if you have enough time to spend with them.
  • Need Companions: If you are in a mood to keep one pet and can’t spare a lot of time for these micro pigs, it will be required to get a companion for them and take care of duo of pets instead of a single pig.

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